#1 HW access issue: you may not be logged in

Go to the login page and enter your credentials (emailed to you and in your HW schedule). Now click the quiz link from your HW schedule and you should be all set.

Below we’ve outlined solutions for 99% of the rest of the issues that may be preventing you from accessing your HW

First off: reset your computer and router/internet connection and make sure you are using Chrome and it is up to date.

1. In most cases web cache/cookies saved in your browser are the culprit.

First, try a chrome “incognito” window. That generally fixes cache issues.

You can also just go ahead and clear your browser cache. After clearing your cache you probably won’t need the incognito window.


2. The other issue is access at work or with a work computer.

Sometimes a firewall at your office or on your work machine will cause issues (test with your phone to check whether you can access and launch quizzes. Also, use the phone’s data to rule out internet/router issues).

If those two things are not the issue and you don’t have time to troubleshoot go ahead use the backup site: atlanticbackupplan.com. You should have received login credentials when you signed up for tutoring. If you can’t find them send over an email: andrew@atlanticgmat.com.

When you have a moment also let us know about the access issue so we can get the main site working for you.

Other ways to fix access:

  1. Try accessing with your phone, tablet, or another computer.
  2. Try accessing with a different internet connection (phone hotspot)
  3. Reset your computer and router.
  4. Access HW quizzes from the links in the schedule. Or if you’ve done that, try access from the menu on the website

Accessing from the links in the schedule

There’s an “All HW Links” page on the HW excel sheet with a direct link to every quiz. Make sure you’re logged into the site and then use the direct link for the quiz you’re trying to access. That often works but depends on the connection issues you’re having. You can also try to access quizzes using hw.atlanticgmat.com/home instead of hw.atlanticgmat.com.

Still having trouble accessing HW? Try to reset your password.

If all the above doesn’t resolve the issue send over an email giving us a description of the issue with screen shots if possible. Also let us know if you have been able to log in on other devices. Send the email to andrew@atlanticgmat.com and your tutor.